Does She Have the Six Essentials?

Let’s be honest: a new piece of jewelry always makes a great gift. But with so many options, where do you even begin?

We've got an idea - or six!

1. Diamond stud earrings

Perfect to add some sparkle to any outfit, diamond studs catch the light from across the room. They work with a cute cocktail dress during a night out, a baseball cap and ponytail while running errands, and every occasion in between!

2. Diamond engagement ring

The quintessential symbol of forever, our team can help you find a diamond engagement ring as unique as your love story, for any style and budget.

3. Diamond wedding band

Whether your style is simple and classic or lavish and ornate, our team can help you find the perfect wedding band to accent your engagement ring.

4. Diamond pendant

Like diamond studs, a diamond necklace brings elegance and glamour to her everyday, looking fabulous with everything from a sundress, to a blazer, to a formal gown.

5. Diamond bracelet

The iconic diamond tennis bracelet transcends trends and generations, from sporty and casual outings to formal events and occasions. After all, the diamond tennis bracelet got its name from a famous incident at the 1987 US Open tournament: A women's tennis pro called Chris Evert served a ball to her opponent so briskly that her diamond bracelet flew off her wrist!

6. Strand of pearls

Diamonds may be considered the most precious stone, but pearls are right beside them in fineness. With a variety of colors available, pearls are perfect for elegant occasions, but can also be styled with casual outfits for a fun contrasted look. Pearls are also popular as wedding jewelry!

These classic pieces are the perfect gift to add some sparkle to the everyday, from sweatpants to stilettos and the grocery store to the gala.

The Six Essentials are the building blocks of her jewelry collection. They also range in price, so no matter what your budget is, you can gift her with a piece she’ll truly love.

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