7 Most Romantic Places in Lancaster County
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7 Most Romantic Places in Lancaster County

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7 Most Romantic Places in Lancaster County

Lancaster County has many gorgeous and romantic locations that are perfect for couples of all types. Our county in Pennsylvania is filled with lots of natural beauty, rich history, and wonderful places to visit. Are you planning on getting engaged soon? Maybe some of these spots will inspire you and help you decide where you’d like to pop the question! Whether you’re planning one of your first dates or you’ve been married for years, these places can make for a great evening.

Pinnacle Overlook

Pinnacle Overlook is a gorgeous nature preserve that provides nearly 3 miles of hiking trails for the seasoned hiker. Whether you’re looking to spend a day hiking or want something that’s a simple in-and-out or quick loop, the network of trails at Pinnacle has something for you. As you hike, you’ll be treated to a gorgeous view of the Susquehanna Valley River, which is known for its cliffs looking out over a fantastic view. Pinnacle Overlook is the perfect place to go on a romantic date that ends in a scenic location, especially if you and your significant other are avid hikers.

Chickies Rock

Chickies Rock County Park holds the title of the second largest park in the region. It’s now over 400 acres - there are plenty of options on where to go and what to do when you visit here. Visiting at sunset makes for an incredibly romantic experience. Whether you’re heading to Chickies Rock itself that sits 100 feet above the river or want to go to the Breezyview Overlook with its lovely gazebo, there are many options. Chickies Rock County Park is also full of history; you can visit the ruins of various furnaces, mills, trolley lines, and canals. 

Hot air balloon ride

Did you know that you can take a hot air balloon ride right here in Lancaster County? You can go on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure with your significant other and create unforgettable memories. You’ll see the beauty of Lancaster County spread out below you and get a view that few people see in their lifetimes. Whether for a memorable date or a unique proposal, a hot air balloon ride is great for the adventurous couple. 

Lititz Spring Park

If you want to spend a quiet day in a nice location, Lititz Spring Park is the perfect choice. As the air starts to become more crisp and leaves change color, a romantic picnic or walk through Lititz Spring Park can be a great date idea. Take time to feed the ducks that live in the creek that runs through the entire park. You might even be able to catch some live music or visit a food truck while you’re there!


Wheatland, which is also known as the James Buchanan House, is the former home of President Buchanan; the only president to come from Pennsylvania. For most of the year, the grounds are open to the public and tours of the property are available. If you and your significant other are history buffs, you can make a romantic and interesting day out of a trip to Wheatland. Pack a picnic, spend time outside, and catch a tour at some point during your visit!

Covered bridges

As we approach fall and the leaves change, it’s a great time for a covered bridge tour through Lancaster County. Covered bridges are also sometimes called “kissing bridges” to commemorate all the couples who have strolled through them, arm-in-arm. You and your partner can add to this tradition by taking a covered bridge tour! You’ll see beautiful fall leaves and have the chance to take great pictures of the two of you at different bridges. You can drive yourself to the bridges or take an official tour from one of the guides in Lancaster.

Downtown Lancaster

If you’re looking for a lively setting, downtown Lancaster might be the option for you. There is an abundance of options for things to do; whether you want to get drinks or dinner somewhere, visit unique shops, learn more about the city’s history, or simply walk around the bustling downtown, a visit can make for a very romantic date.

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