Why You Should Buy an Engagement Ring In-Store
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Why You Should Buy an Engagement Ring In-Store

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Why You Should Buy an Engagement Ring In-Store

One of the biggest debates when it comes to shopping for engagement rings, especially diamond engagement rings, is whether or not it’s safe to purchase a ring online. While the Internet is a great source of inspiration, there are some things to be cautious of if you are thinking of buying an engagement ring online.

Note that a lot of the advice below relates specifically to diamond engagement rings; however, much of this article is applicable to any online jewelry purchase.


There are some important things be aware of when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring online. Much of it simply has to do with the fact that you lose out on seeing the ring in person, so you never truly know what you’re getting. Here are some reasons that buying a diamond ring online can be risky.

You Don’t Know What You’re Getting

Ever purchased a piece of clothing from an online retailer, only to have it arrive and realize it’s nothing like what you thought it would be? Without seeing it in person, you simply can’t be 100% sure that you know exactly what you are purchasing. Remember that even poor quality diamonds can look beautiful through digital manipulation. The Internet isn’t regulated. If you don’t have the knowledge and expertise of diamonds or gemstones, you could make a purchase you regret.

Go to a store to see the ring in person. This is the best way to do a “gut check” and know that you’re getting the best value for an engagement ring.

Harder to Compare

If you want to truly know what you’re getting and what you’re paying for, in person comparisons can be very helpful. Shopping in person allows you to see the stone’s characteristics and truly assess and appreciate the beauty of the stone.

Visual comparisons can even help you save money. For example, you can compare diamonds of different carats and realize that they appear similar to the naked eye, but actually differ in price.

It’s also a common mistake to assume that diamonds with the same carat, color grade, clarity, and cut (known as the 4 C’s) are the same, when that’s not the case. For example, color grades can vary from lab to lab. Examining diamonds or other gemstones in person is the best way to get a visual understanding of what you’re buying. A trusted jeweler at a store will give you a complete picture of the diamond quality.

Reviews Don’t Provide the Full Picture

When you’re debating if a sweater is a good online buy, customer reviews can be really useful. Customer reviews for a diamond ring, however, are much harder to trust. This is because most consumers don’t understand diamonds, so providing a thorough review can be difficult. Only the jeweler or merchant will understand the diamond’s internal characteristics, which the naked eye can’t see. Don’t rely solely on customer reviews if you choose to buy a diamond ring online.


Truth be told, there’s nothing that beats seeing the ring in person. Here are three reasons we recommend the in-store experience over buying online.

What You See is What You Get

Talk with a jeweler about the type of ring you have in mind. The jeweler can show you what options are available in the store, and can even help you compare and contrast. Essentially, what you’re paying for is right in front of you. While you’ll still want to ask questions to ensure it’s the ring you want, you at least have a better sense of whether or not the ring is what you had in mind.

Your Best Interest is Top of Mind

Sure, an online retailer can speak with you on the phone or through chat; however, it’s much easier to communicate what you want face to face. Throughout the buying process, you may have additional questions that can be harder to answer on the phone. During your store visit, your jeweler may recommend different options based on your thoughts and feedback. You may find something that’s completely different from what you expect, but it could be a better value!

Additionally, we know that shopping for an engagement ring can be overwhelming, but the process is much easier face to face. And at Vanscoy, Maurer & Bash, we do our best to make engagement ring shopping fun, too!

Find Your Lifetime Jeweler

Online ring shopping is likely a one-time transaction. You’ll make a purchase, but when it’s time for the next jewelry purchase, you’ll likely go somewhere else.

If you have a positive in-store experience, chances are you’ll go back to the same jeweler for wedding bands, anniversary gifts, push presents, and more. There’s nothing like walking into a store where the jeweler knows your name and knows what you like. And, there’s something truly special about celebrating life’s special moments at the same store year after year.

While the Internet is a great way to browse engagement rings, see what’s available, and begin to formulate what style you might like, the in-store experience is the best way to ensure you get what you want. A trusted jeweler will be able to answer all of your questions to ensure you get an engagement ring for the best value.

Let our team of jewelers show you that the in-store shopping experience can be easy and stress-free. Learn why our customers consider Vanscoy, Maurer & Bash to be their lifelong jeweler!