What an AGS Diamond Report Means to You

Vanscoy, Maurer & Bash Diamond Jewelers is a member of the American Gem Society (AGS). Learn more about what this means for you when you shop with an AGS jeweler.

What Is the American Gem Society?

The American Gem Society is a nonprofit trade association of jewelers. There are many alternative organizations that are for-profit. Nonprofit means you can be sure the grading standards used are completely unbiased.

AGS is dedicated to developing the highest quality grading standards and providing the most up-to-date training and certification in the field. Their mission is to protect the consumer. There are some jewelers who engage in unethical practices, so it’s important to look for an independent certification when you’re choosing a jeweler.

When you see that a jeweler is a member of the American Gem Society, it is a sign of trustworthiness and integrity. The AGS maintains a code of ethics that all members follow.

How AGS Compares to Other Organizations

There are many other organizations that grade diamonds, but AGS is one of only two nonprofit organizations. The only other nonprofit in the industry is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). These two organizations are considered the most trustworthy in the industry.

GIA and AGS were founded by the same people and were originally intended to complement each other. GIA was intended as a research institute while AGS was created to be a retail organization for jewelers. Today, the two organizations use different scales for grading, but both are equally respected in the industry.


AGS and GIA use different scales for each of the 4Cs. AGS is known for its more in-depth knowledge of diamond cut, and the cut scale is more granular in AGS terms. Consider this: 80% of GIA excellent cut diamonds (the highest grade) do not get an ideal grade (score of 0) from AGS. Rather, they receive a grade of 1, 2, 3, or even 4. If cut is the most important characteristic for you, you may be interested in AGS 0 cut, or Ideal Cut, diamonds rather than diamond graded by the GIA.

What Does an AGS Graded Diamond Mean for the Consumer?

When you’re shopping for diamonds, ask the jeweler for a grading report. You should never buy a diamond that has not been graded by a professional organization. Diamonds with an AGS Diamond Report have been graded according to AGS standards so that you can have an unbiased and accurate idea of the gem’s quality. Learn more about the 4Cs and the grading scale used.

AGS Diamond Reports verify that the jeweler is ethical, trustworthy, and educated in the field. They also ensure that you know exactly what you are getting with your diamonds.

Vanscoy, Maurer & Bash Diamond Jewelers is proud to be a member of the American Gem Society, and our team is led by a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America. We invite you to visit us in our store to see our selection of diamond jewelry!