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What Direct Diamond Importing Means for You

Vanscoy, Maurer & Bash Diamond Jewelers has been buying diamonds from Fischler Diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium for over 35 years. What does this mean for you, the consumer? Everything! Direct diamond importing saves you money and gives you a better selection of diamonds. Learn more about how diamond importing works and how it provides you with a better buying experience.

What is Direct Importing?

Direct diamond importing means going directly to the source: the people who cut the diamonds. Imagine you are trying to find a fine, expensive wine. Wouldn’t it be better if you knew a vineyard owner and could buy wine directly from him? Now imagine that over the years, you’ve built a personal relationship with him. He gives you first pick of his finest wines and even gives you a discount since you’re buying directly from him. This is very similar to the relationship we have with our diamond cutter.

Some Jewelers Use Third-Party Brokers

Most chain brands use third-party brokers to source their diamonds. This leads to extra costs. It also means that these stores don’t get to pick out the diamonds they’re buying. They must rely on the broker.

Many diamond cutters pay dues to trade buying organizations. So the diamond cutter pays the organization for the right to sell their diamonds to that organizations jewelers. Then the jewelers pay dues to that buying organization for the right to buy diamonds there. The diamond cutter must charge more for their diamonds to make up those costs. The jewelers buy the diamonds at the higher price and pass that extra charge on to the customer!

We Hand Select Every Diamond Personally

Perhaps the biggest advantage of our relationship with Fischler Diamonds is our ability to personally select each diamond we sell. Our team makes many trips to visit Fischler Diamonds, so we can hand select the diamonds we sell in the store.

Fischler Diamonds has different “parcels” (groups) of diamonds sorted according to quality. We go to the best parcels and pick out the diamonds we want. Then, we send them to the American Gem Society or Gemological Institute of America to have them officially graded before we sell them in our store.

The big chain stores can’t offer the diamonds we are able to offer, because there simply aren’t enough of those diamonds out there. Chain stores must consider hundreds of stores across the country, while a strong independent jeweler only needs to worry about one store. Additionally, chain stores need to meet a certain price point to maintain consistency across locations. This means they often buy diamonds in batches of varying quality.

At Vanscoy, Maurer & Bash Diamond Jewelers, you get diamonds directly from the source. Wherever you’re at in the buying process, we invite you to come to our store and see the difference in our diamond quality.