How to Care for Your Diamond Ring
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How to Care for Your Diamond Ring

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How to Care for Your Diamond Ring

Your diamond ring is an investment, and it deserves proper care and attention. You wear this piece of jewelry every day, but that doesn’t mean it has to look worn out. Find out how to keep your diamond ring looking as beautiful as the day it was purchased!


You wear your ring every day, so it’s bound to come in contact with dirt and oil. For a diamond ring, soak in mild dish detergent—avoid harsh chemicals—and warm water to clean it every couple of weeks. Scrub with a soft clean toothbrush to get any hard to reach residue. Use a soft cloth to dry, but be careful not to snag it on any prongs.

A jeweler can also suggest some at home cleaning remedies. Different stones require different care and not every gemstone should be cleaned as described above.


We know that it sounds crazy to take off your beautiful diamond ring; however, it’s best to keep it away from chemicals or abrasive solutions. Even lotion can discolor white gold or platinum. Take it off before you swim in the pool, wash the dishes, or use cleaning products.


When you do have to take your ring off, store it in a proper place. A clean place like a fabric-lined jewelry box is always a safe idea. If you’re taking it off to cook or clean, keep it in a dish or ring holder in the kitchen, away from any drains.

Proper storage of your diamond ring is also important for protecting your other jewelry. Diamonds can scratch other gemstones. Keep it tucked away in a cloth pouch or a separate part of your jewelry box.


Nothing beats taking your diamond ring to your jeweler for maintenance. In fact, the warranty on your ring even may require routine maintenance. Professional jewelry care is the best way to ensure that your ring looks brand new.

We recommend bringing your diamond ring in every six months for cleaning. We can also look for any additional problems that need professional care and attention, like a loose diamond or worn prongs. We can also provide other recommendations for how to properly care for your ring at home.

At Vanscoy, Maurer & Bash, we offer a full range of professional jewelry repair and refurbishment services to keep your ring sparkling like new. Learn more about our repair services or stop by our store to see how we can help!